Learn To Make Minestrone, The Fierro Way!


What does radio DJ Generoso know about everyone’s favorite Italian soup, minestrone? Well, he sure does eat a lot of it, and his momma taught him out to make it so he wouldn’t be penniless from eating out every night. Completely vegetarian (even vegan if you can avoid covering it in romano cheese like Generoso does) and outrageously delicious!  Video is 13 minutes in length.  Music supplied by famed non-Italian, Antonín Leopold Dvořák!

3 thoughts on “Learn To Make Minestrone, The Fierro Way!

    • Thank you so much Ema for watching. I agree, it is a vegan dish by it’s original recipe from my mother. I know that some folks make it with chicken or beef broth but it has always been wholly vegetarian as a lot of great Southern Italian dishes are as well. Thanks again for watching 🙂

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