The Joy of Making Pasta e Fagioli With Generoso


“Pasta e Fagioli” is the best proof of the Italian language helping to make even the most basic things sound elegant.  The direct translation for the essential dish, is “pasta with beans” but as I stated with my recipe for chicken cacciatore, it is not a put it down because basic can sometimes be very delicious.  Many people make this dish like a soup but not in the Fierro household, where Pasta e Fagioli has always been prepared as a non-watery, intensely garlicky pasta dish.   The ingredients are super basic; tomatoes, garlic, cannellini beans (sometimes called navy beans), ditalini pasta and olive oil.  Also, by definition, this dish is vegetarian, even vegan actually, and should only take an hour or so to prepare.  Enjoy the video and let me know how yours turned out!  Music is the Concerto for Cello and Orchestra in D Minor by Edouard Lalo


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