Generoso’s Bizarre Take On Rollatini di Melanzane


We have all had some kind of mutant version of eggplant rollatini.  Just think of all of the times where you have been accosted with this faux traditional Italian delight at work potlucks, elderly birthday parties, and bizarre down home small neighborhood baby showers (I hear that’s where this dish really lives).  Well, I have been the recipient of many of these attempts and have been making my own version for years, but soon after a visit to a Ethiopian restaurant I had the idea to add a couple of bizarre ingredients into my ricotta filling: spinach and cinnamon.  I eventually loved the way those products broke up the acidity of the tomatoes and I have been using them ever since.  Hopefully, you will love this taste as well.  You will need three long eggplants, 20 ounces of unflavored bread crumbs, four cloves of garlic, one can of crushed tomatoes, two 32 ounce containers of WHOLE MILK ricotta, 4 cups white flour, olive oil, salt, pepper, ground cinnamon, grated parmesan, and one bunch of fresh spinach.  Let me know how yours turned out! Music: Cell sonata in D, from 12 Sonatas, Op 6 by Pietro Locatelli



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