Making Banh Cuon in the Western Kitchen


Banh Cuon is a dish that Lily grew up eating often in restaurants because it required too much effort to make. The best Banh Cuon has a paper thin, chewy wrapper that is created by a stretched out cloth on a large steamer. However, on a few lucky occasions, her grandmother would make it at home, and for this week’s recipe, Lily shows you how to make Banh Cuon with a non-stick pan and a lid.

Banh Cuon is a very general name for rice flour rolls filled with meat. Traditional versions are filled with ground pork and wood ear mushrooms or deep fried scallions, but the filling is completely up to you! Lily’s grandmother actually filled her Banh Cuon with ground pork and crab meat, and some Vietnamese restaurants will even fill them with BBQ pork! This video recipe uses a pork and scallion filling.

Included in this video is a recipe to make a very simple Nuoc Mam (fish sauce for dipping), which is the final serving component of any Banh Cuon dish.

As a warning, the process to make the rolls can be difficult; the rolls should be paper thin, but on the stove, that is not the easiest thing to achieve. It took Lily and Generoso a few tries before we found the method that worked best. Be patient with the first few rolls; they may not be the prettiest, but we promise that they will taste great! Music: Luigi Boccherini’s Cello Concerto no. 9 in Bb, G. 482



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