Generoso Makes The Italian Wedding Soup Happen!


Generoso has been asked on many occasions, “Is Italian wedding soup actually served at weddings?” to which he usually responds, “Not only is Italian wedding soup not served at weddings, it isn’t even Italian in origin!”  So, why is Generoso making Italian wedding soup for this week’s blog video?  Because it is synonymous in the Fierro house with a snowy day which it is here in Boston.  The “wedding” in question comes from the marriage of meat and vegetables, so no people are involved.  The tradition of “minestra maritata” (wedding soup) harkens back to the Spanish occupation of Italy as forms of this delicious soup were brought to Italy by the Spaniards, who make their version with a heavy heavy meat base.  For our version you will need a bunch of things, escarole (or endive), pork,  three eggs, bread crumbs, salt, pepper, flour, one onion, fresh parsley, pecorino romano cheese, four cups of chicken stock.  Have fun and let us know how yours turned out!  Love from Generoso and Lily.  Music: Symphony in Dm by César-Auguste-Jean-Guillaume-Hubert Franck


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