Generoso Rolls A Mean Braciola!


Braciola is a variance on the Italian dish known as Involtini.  In Italy, Involtini are thin slices of pork, chicken, or beef that are rolled with Parmesan or Romano, usually held together with a toothpick, broiled and are served as the second course in a traditional meal.  As I was taught in the more Southern Italian/US version which is like Involtini except we lose the toothpick for an bondage-master’s Saturday night supply of twine as we would drop our Involtini into our Sunday’s ragu, where it would be slowed cooked for many many hours.  What comes out is a tender, almost flakey beef entree that I serve with pasta; In this case, Orecchiette, which is dearest Lily’s favorite.

You will need the following ingredients for the braciola and the ragu:  One pound of flank steak, cooking twine, five cloves of garlic, one cup of ground romano, three ounces of provolone cheese, one cup of white wine, one cup of unseasoned bread crumbs, two cans of crushed tomatoes, salt, pepper, olive oil, a small bunch of fresh parsley, one pound of Italian sweet sausage.   As always we hope that you enjoy this recipe and do let us know how you do with your attempt . Love, Generoso and Lily!

Music: 2 Legendes, S. 175 by Franz Liszt.

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