Ginger Syrup and Vietnamese Mochi: Che Xoi Nuoc


Here in the Fierro house, we are trying to push our own boundaries of our cooking. In my last edition, I made egg rolls with the help of my new friend, the deep fryer, and this week, I attempted to make Che Xoi Nuoc, one of my favorite Vietnamese desserts.

Made from sweet rice flour, the mochi in Che Xoi Nuoc are filled with savory mung bean and then served with a ginger brown sugar syrup and salty-sweet coconut milk.

A bit of a heavier dessert, it is perfect when served at room temperature or warm. There’s quite a bit of work (and many pans!) involved, but it is completely worth it for the sweet, savory, and chewy fun of Che Xoi Nuoc.

If you have left over mung bean filling, you can use it to make mung bean pancakes or more of the mochi treats! And if you’re feeling adventurous, you can deep fry the mung bean filled mochi as well and serve with nuoc mam for a savory appetizer as compared to a dessert. Enjoy!

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