Lily Takes on Pasta! Nui Xao Bo


Nui Xao Bo may be the first and only dish I present that intersects with Generoso’s Italian cooking!

When I was a kid and teenager, I loved Nui Xao Bo, a Vietnamese interpretation of pasta. Generally made with tomato paste, I wanted to make a version that was similar to the version I had as a child but without the acidity and harshness of tomato paste. Consequently, I opted to make a tomato sauce inspired by Generoso’s techniques as the primary sauce for the pasta. In addition, I used Italian pasta instead of Vietnamese pasta, which is a personal preference. The outcome is a rich and delicious meal that I lighten with a bed of lettuce and fresh cilantro and scallions.

This is a pretty quick dish that can be prepared the night before and assembled right before eating! It’s also quite good cold as a pasta salad!


Music via César Franck Piano Concerto from 1878

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