Fried Pork Goodness! Thit Rang Muoi


What to do when you have a pork loin in the house and don’t feel like making Thit Kho? Why not deep fry the pork?

Rang Muoi is a five-spice batter that can be used to fry any meat of your choice. It is frequently used with squid or shrimp, but given that I love pork, we used pork to make Thit Rang Muoi.

The batter requires plenty of dry goods, but, overall, the recipe is pretty simple. As a quick note, on the initial ingredient listing, I forgot to mention that oyster sauce will be required for the final sauce to toss the crispy pieces of pork in.

Thit Rang Muoi can be served with rice, but for extra brightness, I served the fried deliciousness with lettuce lightly tossed in lime juice. Enjoy!

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