Generoso’s Zuppa con Lenticchie e Pomodori (Italian Lentil and Tomato Soup)


Happy Holidays Everyone!

It is quite cold here in Southern California and as I had a cold as well I thought to make this warm comforting soup for you, Zuppa con Lenticchie e Pomodori (Italian Lentil and Tomato Soup) .  This is an easy to make and hearty soup that only needs a few ingredients and just a bit of cooking time (about one hour).  Here is what you’ll need: One pound of lentils, one an of crushed tomatoes, one container of chicken broth, 3 spring onions, 6 large carrots, one bulb of garlic, salt, pepper, and olive oil.  Give the short video a watch and let me know how yours turned out.  Happy New Year!!


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Music: Agustin Barrios Mangore’s Waltzes, Op 8

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