Deep Frying Fun Episode #1 – Lily’s Gia Gio


The Fierros have now acquired a deep fryer!!!! Now, with both a deep fryer and a mandolin, we can finally make gia gio a.k.a Vietnamese egg rolls.

Lily grew up eating egg rolls made from these egg roll wrappers:

But after years of eating Vietnamese egg rolls with a delicious bubbly, crispy skin in restaurants, she decided she would use the filling she loved with rice paper to make cha gio that would achieve this more complex egg roll skin.

Rolled gingerly and fried carefully in medium low heat, these cha gio are funĀ for a summertime party. Wrap with crisp lettuce and dip in fish sauce, and you have a perfect bright, fresh, crispy, chewy bite! They’re also super delicious cold and straight from the refrigerator! Enjoy!