Quick and Irresistible: Generoso’s Tuna Carpaccio


Generoso been under the belief that his beloved carpaccio was a Sicilian dish, as many of the best dishes of the fish variety emanate from Sicily, but there is enough evidence that Tuna Carpaccio first appeared in a Venetian cafe sometime in the 16th century. Regardless of its true origin, this dish has been changed a million times for a million different tastes. Most Italian dishes are contigent on getting the freshest and finest ingredients that you can find, and Generoso’s take on tuna carpaccio may be the best example of a Italian dish that demands the best ingredients. You will need about 8 ounces of sushi-grade tuna (nothing else will do), extra virgin olive oil, one shallot, two ounces of fresh basil, two large garlic cloves, a half glass of white wine, two large lemons, and two ounces of capers.  The tuna is “cooked” like ceviche using citrus so the time from prep to plate is short, about 30 minutes. A good baguette will be a welcome addition when serving this.

Super for hot summer nights, like the 100+ day when we made this dish. Enjoy! And let us know how yours turns out!

Music: Polovetsian Dances by Borodin.